Pass Plus....What is it and How can it Save you Money!  
Well done! You've passed your driving test and you're now able to drive on the roads on your own. But wait, there's something you can do now that will not only give you some more experience and build your confidence, but can also save you money on your insurance costs! This is known as Pass Plus.

It's a scheme, which once you've passed your test, looks at how you are now going drive and react to certain situations, relying on your own knowledge and skills. There are six modules, which include town driving, night driving, country driving, dual carriageways, all weather driving and finally motorways. It is recommended that an hour is spent practising each module. However, those areas that cannot be practised are talked about so that your instructor knows you have an understanding about how you would handle certain situations, for instance driving in the snow. The great news is that there is no test to sit at the end of the course as it is marked as you go through it with your instructor.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving some money and do your Pass Plus!!

  Did you know?...
In the first year of driving, one driver in five is involved in an accident!
  There is a link to the PassPlus organisation on our links page.  
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