How To.....  
  ...get the most out of each driving lesson, you'll need to make sure you're well prepared.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready.

Wear the right gear
Make sure you wear comfortable shoes for your driving lesson. Heavy boots or high heels make it hard to feel and control the pedals, so wear shoes that are easy to drive in.

Think ahead
You'll feel better at the start of your lesson if you arrive for your lesson in good time. It's best to avoid late nights before your lessons and don't drink alcohol. If you are unwell, let your instructor know as soon as possible - some medicines can make you drowsy, so it may be best to reschedule your lesson.

Getting over your nerves
It's natural to feel nervous when you start driving, most people do. Instructors know all about the anxieties you may encounter when you start your lessons, so they'll be able to put you at your ease. Your instructor will talk you through what you'll need to do and will help you to do it at your own pace. You'll be in safe hands, so relax and enjoy your lessons.
If you feel nervous about driving, for whatever reason, it's particularly important to choose a driving school that offers expert tuition from a trained instructor.
When you learn with Look 1st, your instructor will know how to help you get over any anxieties. They'll be able to put you at your ease and help you learn at your own pace.
Call us or email us. We're here to help you with all the advice you need to get started.  
  Observing the rules
When you start driving, whether it's your on-road lessons or practice, you must remember that you're still subject to the rules of the road. As a driver, you're liable for traffic offences like speeding as much as a fully qualified driver. You will be given PENALTY POINTS even if you're on a provisional licence, so it's essential that you know and observe the rules of the road. Make sure you're fully informed of THE HIGHWAY CODE.
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