Please be aware that we may be teaching at the time of your call so please leave a name and number we can call you on. We'll be in touch as soon as we are free to do so.

Please contact us on 01752 768423 or 07894 832724 (Mbl)

to send us an e-mail

Terms & Conditions
  • PLEASE give 48 hour's notice by phone if you would like to cancel a driving lesson, otherwise you will be charged for that lesson. This is because we cannot normally get anyone else to replace your lesson with short notice.
  • WE will do everything we can in our power to fulfil appointments for lessons and the driving test but sometimes things happen out of our control which means we cannot (e.g. car trouble, severe traffic congestion etc.). Lessons will be re-arranged or time added.
  • DRIVING lessons paid in advance are valid for 6 months from purchase ,advance payment of lessons for blocks , once paid you are contracted to complete, if you cancel for any reason a refund will NOT normally be given. If you have an unusual circumstance for the cancellation, then i may refund upto a MAX of 50% of the remaining lessons paid for.
  • HIRE of car for the driving test is on your instructors approval and satisfaction you are test standard and not a danger to you, your examiner or others.
  • BONUS BOOKING - conditions apply. You must take the lessons within a set time period i.e. 5 weeks for the 10 lessons, 10 weeks for the 20 lessons, 15 weeks for the 30 lessons and 20 weeks for the 40 lessons.
  • ENJOY your driving experience and have fun!
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